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Adam Kol helps couples who love each other make sure that the money conversation doesn’t get in the way. His aim it to take couples from fear and fights to partnership & prosperity.

As a Couples Financial Counselor and Certified Mediator, Adam provides customized counseling and tailored tools to give you intimacy, peace of mind, and ultimately: cash.

His services are available worldwide via video coaching.

Learn more about Adam Kol’s offering on his website AHK Coaching.

It was an honor to have been a guest on Adam’s 30th episode of his “Equal Partners Podcast” together with my wife Martina who was speaking as a podcast guest for the first time in her life!

Listen to our episode right here or find more links below.

During our show with Adam we introduce ourselves, how we got to know eachother in Taiwan and how we started planning our lives together in Taiwan as we quickly fell in love.

From two worlds apart, a lot of sacrifice went into figuring out our future together. After Matt moved back to Switzerland, we knew that we couldn’t be apart for too long and made a five-year plan to be together.

In this episode, we share how we turned our post-it note dreams into our thriving reality via financial planning and selfless compromise, we share some of the things we sacrificed and how we helped eachother along the way as well. 

Now, with a family and financially independent we love to share in this podcast that if you plan your couple as a dream team, you can superspeed your life goals while still afford the things that make life exciting.

Be careful, because once you tune in to this podcast, your interest is sure to …compound!

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Go after your goals as a dream team!


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