Findependence Day: The American Dream of Independence and Freedom


The American Dream of independence and freedom is alive and well! Instead of just Independence Day I do like to celebrate Findependence Day. It’s the day many people dream of and work towards their whole lives. Findependence Day is the day to celebrate your freedom from debt, from obligations, your freedom from fear about what will happen tomorrow, and most importantly your own independence and freedom to pursue!

But first, let’s take a few steps back.

Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated in the United States on July 4th. The actual reason to celebrate this day is freedom of the American people from Great Britain. It was attained back in 1776 when the declaration of independence was approved by thirteen American colonies.

On July 4, 1776, Congress approved the final text of the Declaration of Independence.

Freedom from any constraints and obligations is what we strive for when thinking about independence. Once it’s achieved, new possibilities will open up and with its creativity unleashed, human potential can flourish.

Independence is something attractive worth fighting for!

For me, Independence Day is something truly close at heart. As a Swiss we celebrate our own national day on August 1st. Back in the year 1291 Switzerland decided to no longer listen to royalty as well. We started to write our own history. In the centuries to come, our country flourished, grew organically, and became increasingly wealthy.

Independence and freedom are key to achieve a more enjoyable life!

It was a good thing to declare independence!

“Give me liberty or give me death!”

Patrick Henry

What are the Benefits of Living in a Free Country?

Living as a free human offers you more opportunities to pursue your dreams and goals without being stopped by something you didn’t choose for yourself!

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All of us are born with potential that we need to unlock, but it’s our environment that shapes us into who we become. That means external factors like family, schooling, friends etc., do have a strong influence on how much freedom we can experience at any given moment.

While we all got to find our own way of living life freely, living in a free country comes with many benefits: Educated workforce which leads to higher income, higher income leads to more self directed decisions, a better environment for children and families to grow up in.

Read more about how to raise financially independent children.

The freedom to live life pursuing your own agenda!

We can freely pursue whatever we want without worrying about our safety, the future or the welfare of our family! Independence is all about freedom from obligations and opens ups possibilities.

True growth, creativity and human potential are all linked to freedom.

The freedom to pursue!

The American Dream

The combination of independence and freedom ultimately reminds me very much of the concept of the “American Dream”. For me, the “American Dream” is the idea that people can achieve anything they want and live life the way they want to as long as they work hard enough to achieve it.

Equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.”

Thomas Jefferson

What a beautiful dream indeed!

In my view, the American dream has evolved further over time with new challenges and changes for society but it still remains as relevant today as ever before.

Independence and freedom remain at the core of this dream.

Visiting the Washington Monument in D.C.

Financial Independence

The FIRE (Financial Independence/ Retire Early) movement has been growing fast and spread wide.

Achieving financial independence has become the “21st century American Dream”. 

It’s a truly attractive new American Dream!

What is financial independence exactly?

Financial Independence is the ability to live from the income of your own personal resources. It means that someone has enough assets working for them, so they don’t have to worry about financing their expenses anymore from salaried employment anymore. Assets can be stock investments, businesses, real-estate, or anything else working to make you richer!

Financial independence offers wonderful benefits such as:

  • independence from the need to work
  • independence of time, money, and location
  • independence from obligation of any form
  • freedom to pursue whatever you like without worrying about the financial safety, future, or welfare of your family

Financial independence is not just about stop working or contributing, it’s simply about having more choices.

Financial independence unlocks the ultimate freedom to make decisions without any external pressure, influence, or coercion on a personal level. It enables us to live how we like, on our “own terms” in pursuit of happiness.

Living a happy life, not as a slave of your 9-5 but as free human beings pursuing their dreams no matter who they are or where they come from!


You have the option to retire early if you are financially independent, but you may as well continue to work and contribute to society in one way or another.

It’s completely up to YOU!

How to attain Financial Independence?

It’s no magic: Simply turn more savings into investments until your investments generate more proceeds as your day job does.


Working on achieving financial independence typically requires living an efficient lifestyle.

Spend less than what you make each month, save and invest the difference. Buy assets that will generate more profits for you going forward. Depending on your savings rate, achieving financial independence can take anywhere between ten (aggressive) all the way up to fifty years (if ever).

Chart “The Crossover Point” from “Your Money or Your Life”,
Once your investment income crosses your expenses, you’re findependent!

The definition for having achieved financial independence are:

  • Your passive income exceeds your expenses
  • If you have saved up and invested 25 times your annual expenses (4% rule)

Beware, there is no absolute definition of financial independence and there are many ways to achieve it.

Best to start building your wealth, unlocking new streams of income and automating your finances to achieve the financial independence dream.

For me, financial independence is the ability to live life on my own terms.

It is the “New American Dream” worth fighting for!

Findependence Day

It gets me excited when we get closer to the 4th of July even though I’m not an American myself.

To me, it represents “Findependence Day”!

Financial independence is liberating.

When I see the celebrations of the American national day, I think of celebrating independence from the rat race or dependence on a paycheck. Independence to pursue what you love instead of being limited by any obligations or constraints that prevent us from doing so because we need money for this or that.

True growth, creativity and human potential are all linked to freedom.

Freedom and independence are not just about being free from constraints but also having a peace of mind and not having to worry about making decisions based on obligation which means more possibilities will be available when you are free to choose your own path without the fear of being ruled by someone else’s opinion.

Like our forefathers did, we can strive, work and fight for our own independence and freedom! Financial Independence is the personalized American dream of independence that has evolved over time to be more in line with society’s changing needs.

The FIRE movement, which encourages people not only to live financially solvent lives but also retire early, has been growing fast and wide recently as it offers a truly attractive new American dream!

When will you sign your own Declaration of Findependence?

Sign your own declaration of Findependence!


Independence Day, American Dream, Financial Independence.

To conclude, the above three words are all linked with each other – more than many may realize – and are related when it comes down to achieving freedom of choice by being financially independent!

That’s why today I, as a Swiss, wish y’all Americans a very happy Independence Day!!!

This was my own Findependence Day back in 2017, looking back at the financial CBD in Singapore

Live the new American Dream:

Go financially imagineer your life and celebrate your own Findependence Day!



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Happy Findependence Day!!!

5 thoughts on “Findependence Day: The American Dream of Independence and Freedom”

  1. Thanks for going all patriotic for we crazy ‘mericans!
    I love the idea of a “findependence day” as the day we schiebe or FI! Thanks for helping more do it!

  2. Exciting! First of all, it’s interesting for a European to get a little insight into the American dream. Secondly, I really like the fusion between the American mentality and the idea of financial freedom. There are some great tips in there as well.

    Big thumbs up!


  3. Thanks Matt. I like the idea of findependence! it is a clever word you have come up with.
    the idea about freeing up from the limitations in daily life is truly important, because instead of mechanically pursuing other peoples’ tasks to stay alive, one would have the free capacity to actualize his/her own potential. imagine if all humans can do this, what an improvement of civilization it can be? A great mission you have.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by Justin!

      I love this mission of helping others actualizing their full potential indeed. The world could be so much richer indeed. Not money-wise, but quality-wise! Society needs to move further and I’m glad this article helped inspire others to go for it.


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