Why is it so Essential to Learn Money Skills?

Do you know how to take care of money? Did you learn about money in school? From family? From friends? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have more money than others? Some even have more than they would ever need. This is not just because they’re lucky, it’s because they’ve learned how to take care and manage their money!

If you want to feel confident about your financial future, then there are some things you can learn about money. I can be your teacher. If you invest your time to improve your financial literacy, I promise you here and now this will be one of the best decisions of your life!

This article aims to show you how the first steps to a better life must be to improve your financial literacy. Why earning, saving, and investing more money are the key to a better life.

Are you ready to learn how it all goes together and take control of your financial future?

Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea first.

Let’s get started!

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Learn How to Make Money Work for You

The best time to get started learning money skills is when you’re a child, the second-best time is right now!

It’s time to learn how money works and how you can make the most out of it.

Most people work very hard for their money, but why not become the person that makes its money work very hard for yourself? Work on becoming the latter!

Invest in Your Financial Literacy

Before you get started investing into capital markets, invest in your own financial literacy. There are a lot of things you can learn about money. And yes, it isn’t always easy. However, it’s also not rocket science!

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is the knowledge how money works. It’s the combination of skills and attitudes needed to make sound financial decisions and participate in the full range of money management activities throughout life.

In short: the knowledge and skill to make money work for You!

Understanding how money works helps not only financially but also emotionally.

Once you know how to make money work for you, the next steps will become easier: from budgeting to saving to investing.

The Most Important Investment of Your Life

Would you start playing Monopoly without understanding the rules of the game?

I guess not.

Poor people know how difficult it can be just to pay all their bills each month or how hard it might be to daydream about saving enough money for retirement while staying stuck in the hamster-wheel. Going round and round in circles but not really making any advancements or progress. This is exactly like playing Monopoly only relying on the money you get once you cross Start…

Monopoly; learn how to play before getting started!
Don’t go through life only collecting your stable pay-check every time you pass by “START”, level-up!

But why go through your life if you wouldn’t even play a boardgame this way?

It’s so simple, one of the most important things you should invest in your life is to understand the “rules of the game” – of YOUR life!

The fact that you’re reading this blogpost is an indicator that you’ve got appetite to learn the rules and improve your financial literacy.

Make learning how to money your new priority!

Understand how Money Works in Your Life and how it affects you emotionally

Money doesn’t just come from the ground, it’s something that we must earn with our time and energy. It takes a lot of hard work. Imagine how much easier life could become if your money starts to gradually take over from you?

The more advanced you become, the more it resembles playing Monopoly holding some houses or hotels. With increasing passive cash flows, you’ll get more emotionally secure, stable, and free.

It’s a never-ending cycle! The better you get at managing your finance, the bigger circle of people and opportunities start following suit.

Eventually, doing this right will result in a successful transition from a somewhat more linear/ limited mindset to an opportunity mindset!

Take Control of Your Financial Future and live better!

Taking control of your financial future requires discipline.

Learn how earning, saving, and investing more money will lead to a better life.

Earn More -> Save More -> Invest More -> Live Better

Optimize, repeat, review, adjust, improve… keep going.

the circle of wealth creation

Once we understand how these four things work together then everything in our lives gets easier because instead of struggling financially, we will have all tools necessary to build a better future.

After some initial guidance, you just need discipline and patience from yourself to get closer to your goals.

Learn how to earn more, save more, invest more and live better! There are several ways to go about this, you can start your own “learn-by-doing-journey” or you can learn from and with others who have done it.

Learn how to Earn

Mo money mo problems? Not really!

Learn how to earn more money and you’ll have fewer financial worries!

But how? Check out my blog post on “How to Build Your Abundant Waterfall of Income Streams” – it’s a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process of how to start earning more.

The article is packed with tips, tricks, advice, and hacks for how to get started in different areas: from 9-5, to side hustles or freelance work all the way up to starting your own business and investment portfolio. It’s well worth checking out because there are so many ways how we can put this principle into action!

The beauty of earning more is: It’s uncapped!!!

The sky is the limit.

Learn how to Save

Once you earn more, delay your lifestyle inflation, and try to capture more of your positive cash-flow. While saving money doesn’t always feel good at first – depriving yourself or not allowing yourself to splurge – once we grasp the why and understanding that saving matters it becomes easier!

Start saving now!

If you’d ask me one question here: “How to save?”, then I’d have three answers:

  • First – by spending less than what we earn;
  • Second – by spending less than what we earn;
  • Third – by spending less than what we earn.

You expected something different here?

No need, it’s THAT simple!

the crossover point
From “Your Money or Your Life” by Vicky Robin, a wonderful book, read it!

Spend less than what you earn.

The finer things in life don’t always have to be more expensive.

If you don’t earn enough yet please jump back to “Learn how to Earn” above.

Learn how to Invest

My most important advice is to take it slow and before you get started investing your money:

Invest in yourself by taking the time necessary to understand how investing works!

This is the most important investment you can make.

It will not only help you now but is an investment for the rest of your life – with compounding results.

It’s a good idea to learn how to manage money if you want more of it!

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Stay FinLit!


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5 thoughts on “Why is it so Essential to Learn Money Skills?”

  1. Absolutely! So true, Earn More -> Save More -> Invest More -> Live Better is the essence of setting up our life in a good financial situation. Learning money skills is extremely important to get started for our financial planning at different stages of life. Different needs and wants from time to time and how we are able to cope and live well would depend on how well are our money skill is.

  2. Vishnu Aravindhan

    I’m 20 and I’ve been using more of my time to learn about financial literacy. Your article broke a lot down and most of it was easy for me to follow and understand. Great article!

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