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The Financial Imagineer is a personal finance aficionado who has reached financial independence before hitting 40.

He did his first side-hustles before entering teenagehood and started saving and investing. By age 16 he became an equity investor. His net-worth crossed six figures at 21 and has been growing further ever since, ultimately reaching financial independence before 40.

He loves spending time with his family, travelling, brewing beer and writing on his blog to share his biggest passion: Financial Imagineering. Building and managing wealth – making money work for you so you can unlock and spend more of your most precious resource on this planet – self-determined time – in order to pursue your dreams and passions.


Why People buy Lottery Tickets instead of Creating their Dream Life?

Why people buy lottery tickets, when there’s almost zero chance they’ll ever win? Previously I thought the answer is obvious: They buy because they want the millionaire lifestyle right now! Instant gratification! Boom: Millionaire life. Now. However, after giving it additional thoughts, this seemed not to be the complete truth. Actually, people buy lottery tickets …

Who Wouldn’t Want to Be a Millionaire: 6 Life-Winning-Lessons From a “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” Contestant

What would you do if you received a $ 1 million jackpot? How does it actually feel to receive a windfall? What to do with it and how could it impact your life in the short, medium and long run? Let’s first think about what you could possibly do with a large financial windfall? – …

The Chicken or Egg Dilemma: How to Ignite Your Journey to Ridiculous Wealth and Happiness in an Eggshell

  We are about to embark on an extraordinary journey to building a mountain of wealth from which never-ending streams of passive income will flow and on our way we will find happiness at the end of a rainbow. But before we set sail, let’s address one of the most fundamental questions that has deprived …


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