Rich vs. Poor Mindset

rich vs. poor MINDSET

Do you have a rich or a poor mindset? This is not a question about how much money you have in the bank, it is about your overall perspective on life.

Your innermost thinking.

People with a “poor mindset” are usually focused on scarcity and how to make ends meet. They often feel as if they are fighting for every penny, trying not to slip back into debt or find a way out from under the weight of their life circumstances. They usually spend too much time thinking about what they don’t have and can never get. The wealthy are those who see abundance, prosperity and opportunity around them, they invest in themselves instead of simply seeing costs behind everything. They take risks that allow for growth to happen and don’t wait for things to come their way, they go out and chase their dreams.

The mindset you have has a huge impact on your personal and professional growth and therefore on your life. By changing how you think, by investing into yourself and making a commitment to transform instead of simply transact, you can grow yourself wealthy and fast track your life.

Start to think like the rich!

Why Your Mindset Matters?

Mindset is the way you think. It’s the way you’ve been programmed. The software that has been put into your brain. Your family, friends, schools and workplace affect you. It’s what you’ve become. The inner voice that speaks to you. Your habits.

Change your mindset and you’ll change the way you live.

As you try to take control of your life, you’ll increasingly become able to imagineer your life. To let what you think become reality. While we can’t always control every detail in our world, especially those parts where others are involved, you can always focus on the parts that you are in control.

There’s no reason at all why it should be difficult for anyone to regain full power over your thoughts.

Take control!

What Does Being Rich Mean to You?

It’s not always as it seems.

While a “rich” person may have more money than others, a seemingly “poor” person can still have a higher quality of life. It all depends on you. The “poor” person might just “look poor” but be wealthy instead while the “rich” needs to slave away his time to earn more money while the poor one spends more time with his family or with what truly matters to him, having a purpose in life.

Seemingly “poor” people might have smaller earnings than someone else’s, however they are spending more of their scarce resources on things they care about.

It might also be that you simply can’t see their wealth as they live a modest wealth and quit showing off their networth.

Who do you know that is truly wealthy?

Trust me, you can’t spot the truly rich easily!

Do they show it off?

Stay grounded, stay humble!

Rich people are NOT the likes from the latest Hollywood movies or rap videos.

How do you think can you spot a wealthy person at the airport? A few decades ago you could have said the person with the Louis Vuitton handbag. However, nowadays people showing-off such things are usually putting these items on their credit card and will still be paying interest on them long after the handles have fallen off.

Interesting nowadays is to compare First Class with Business Class passengers. The rule of thumb is that Business Class travellers are almost always overdressed. This means they would usually be economy passengers but have now gotten a Business Class ticket paid for by their employer and want to show the others they “have arrived”. The First Class passenger however is not bothered trying to impress anyone, so they are usually much more relaxed in their attire.

They’ve been there, done that.

Quit living “rich” and dying poor.

Pivot into a wealthy mindset instead, choose freedom of options and choices. Time is your most limited resource, it can be used wisely or wasted carelessly.

You choose.

How To Adjust Your Mindset?

The single best way to adjust and improve your mindset is to learn from the wealthy, the people who’ve “made it”. Do things differently today so that your tomorrows will be different from your yesterdays.

You’ll never know what will happen unless you try something new!

Put your new mindset to “drive”. Now!

Think BIG

Wealthy people often like to “think big”, have committment, try to find solutions, anything goes for them, they imagineer their life!

If you want to supersize your bank account, your home, your life, you need to start with a big mind!

Don’t run away or hide from your problems, outgrow them!

Set Goals

The rich spend time on their goals while the poor spend time procrastinating.

Rich people know their goals and are committed to becoming wealthy. Poor people only “want to be” rich but don’t take any action.

Set goals, aim high and get started.

Just do it!

Increase Your Options

As you start adapting a rich mindset you will increase your chances for success in life multifold. Being more aware, observant and goal driven will automatically help you to unlock more options and opportunities in your life.

The wealther a person gets, the more options will become available. If you design your life to getting increasingly more options in your life, you’ll get busier than ever before and you’ll have to learn to say “no” more often.

You’re on the right track.

“Optimist” Yourself

Wealthy people focus on solutions instead of getting stuck with problems. 

Train yourself to become an optimist. Focus on your success. Instead of being afraid to fail, look forward to learn more and move forward.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

First learn, then remove the “L”.

Move forward, grow!

Focus on the positives in your life altogether, make it a habit to challenge negative thoughts if you have any. Embrace competition, iron sharpens iron.

You can do anything with a positive attitude.

Attitude = Altitude!

You won’t be getting anywhere with a flat tire.

Positive people need to chase less and start to attract more.

It translates to better health, relationships and a happier life alltogether.

Achieving financial freedom starts with adopting the right mentality towards life, opportunities, money and wealth.

But I Can’t!


You find my blog, read this post and read all the way till here just to still believe you can’t?

No, that can’t be! I don’t want this to be.

Let me try to help you out, it should be rewarding for you to have read all the way to here.

There are several ways in which people with a “poor” mindset are sabotaging themselves.

It usually starts with not believing in oneself.

This will keep your mindset “limited” by default.

How to overcome this?

Rome wasn’t build in a day.

Take baby steps.

Start small.

Take baby steps in your new “rich” shoes!

Slow Down

Start by trying to make fewer emotional vs. logical decisions.

Don’t let yourself be rushed into anything.

Poor people often make decisions in a hurry.

They are pretty much used to decide based on emotions and under pressure, the worst ones even do so impulsively.

I don’t know any wealthy people who let themselves be pushed into making any decisions.

Lean back, take your time and evaluate.

Try to be more like wealthy people.

Take control.

Slow down!

Take control: You got it in YOUR hands!

Educate Yourself

If you feel you don’t know how to make better decisions, embrace education and invest in yourself!

Do you know how much time Warren Buffett actually spends reading and learning vs. working every day?

You’d be surprised.

He’s not alone.

Did you ever read how Elon Musk is learning new stuff day in day out in order to lead his incredibly ambitious projects forward?

Be more like them, embrace education!

Check out our Fast Track Money course here:

Break the Cycle

There are people who will read till here and still try to convince themselves that they are stuck “in the cycle of poverty”. They don’t know “how to get out”. This is exactly why mindset matters so much.

I’ve written this article for you.

People born into “poor mindsets” tend to stay there unless they put forth effort to change this state of being.

The poor mindset is all about staying in the same state and not trying to grow, despite what we can see happening around us.

The rich mindset is about growth!

Your life will pass by regardless of how you spend your time here on earth.

Don’t be afraid to change.

FEAR can stand for two things:

Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise

Your call!


It’s up to you if you want this next chapter of your story to be full of abundance or scarcity?

I know already which one you’d prefer.

Be the one that makes a difference.

Let it end with you.

Break the cycle.

Take a leap forward!

Take Responsibility

Focus on what you can change right here and now and take control.

Start with your mind.

By taking control over your mindset, you will eventually let go of outside influences and take responsibility over your life! Responsibility is the ability to respond, to decide over your life.

If you are not satisfied with your current situation, instead of blaming someone else or dreaming about what “could have been”, quit allowing other people to tell you who to be or what to do.

It’s up to you!

Impossible becomes I’m possible! Take the leap!!!

You can make a change right now by starting small in order to create big results!

It’s important for everyone, especially those who are struggling financially or with self-worth to be mindful of their thoughts and feelings regarding life, money and wealth. Your future depends on the quality of your thoughts at this moment.

You don’t need much more than a desire for change and some willingness to be uncomfortable at first until the new becomes comfortable.

Be an innovator; become alive again, imagineer your life!!!


It’s super important for everyone, not just people who struggle, to be mindful about their thoughts and feelings regarding life, money and wealth. You become what you feed your mind with.

Your future depends on the quality of your thoughts (!) and your mindset at the current moment.

Wealth building begins with taking care of yourself first so that you can take care of others second.

This includes-your family members, friends, or strangers.

Stop worrying, take control and start living now!

Take action today!!!

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Imagineer your life!


2 thoughts on “Rich vs. Poor Mindset”

  1. Good stuff! I definitely believe that if you think you can then you at least have a shot! But if you think you can you’ll rarely ever stumble onto success. Mindset matters!

  2. Our little town has more than its share of multimillionaires and even a few billionaires. I ran with three of them this morning, I was the poorest guy on the run, and I’m far from poor. My experience is they have a positive mindset. They are very tough and resilient. They are extremely humorous and outgoing. They are generous. They take care of their health and exercise regularly. The three arrived for the run, two in pickup trucks and one in a fifteen year old sedan. They live in nice normal upper middle class houses. None of them was born into wealth, they all worked their way to their current positions. Two of them are still running businesses in their late 60’s/early 70’s.

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