Equal Partners Podcast

Adam Kol helps couples who love each other make sure that the money conversation doesn’t get in the way. His aim it to take couples from fear and fights to partnership & prosperity.

As a Couples Financial Counselor and Certified Mediator, Adam provides customized counseling and tailored tools to give you intimacy, peace of mind, and ultimately: cash.

His services are available worldwide via video coaching.

Learn more about Adam Kol’s offering on his website AHK Coaching.

It was an honor to have been a guest on Adam’s 30th episode of his “Equal Partners Podcast” together with my wife Martina who was speaking as a podcast guest for the first time in her life!

Listen to our episode right here or find more links below.

During our show with Adam we introduce ourselves, how we got to know eachother in Taiwan and how we started planning our lives together in Taiwan as we quickly fell in love.

From two worlds apart, a lot of sacrifice went into figuring out our future together. After Matt moved back to Switzerland, we knew that we couldn’t be apart for too long and made a five-year plan to be together.

In this episode, we share how we turned our post-it note dreams into our thriving reality via financial planning and selfless compromise, we share some of the things we sacrificed and how we helped eachother along the way as well. 

Now, with a family and financially independent we love to share in this podcast that if you plan your couple as a dream team, you can superspeed your life goals while still afford the things that make life exciting.

Be careful, because once you tune in to this podcast, your interest is sure to …compound!

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Go after your goals as a dream team!


Budgets & Brews Podcast

If you haven’t listened to Rich and Tony’s “Budgets & Brews Podcast” yet, you got to check it out! The hosts Rich and Tony are finance and hop-juice enthusiasts!

They created the “Budgets & Brews Podcast” as their way to spread financial literacy to family & friends at first. Then they added a special “splash” to their show: Beer!!!

[yes, I count myself to the hop-juice enthusiasts as well]

My grandfather used to say: There’s nothing better than something good together with something good. That’s what Rich and Tony did: A perfect combination of their two favorites – finances and beer – in order to create a more relaxing and welcoming environment.

The other aspect is: Rich and Tony like to remove the naturally intimidating feeling of finance terms and lingo and make financial literacy more fun and accessible to a broader audience!

This is 100% aligned with my mission.

The show is intended for anyone seeking more financial education and potentially getting started working towards financial independence.

There’s no better way to start THAT conversation than with a fresh beer!

For the show I’ve chosen Brewdog Punk IPA.

Two reasons:

  1. It’s a wonderful IPA
  2. like the financial advice I’d like to provide: It’s “fiercely independent, forever craft!”

During our talk we dive into how I started my journey towards financial independence more than 20 years ago and how I wanted to be a millionaire. During my journey I used the power of financial life planning to reach my goals. We also cover how jacuzzi beerstorming can improve your creativity and finances and we take a deep dive into how money is created and how YOU can make more with your bank accounts, unlocking YOUR gravity defying money bazooka!

If you have any questions regarding the covered topics, please feel free to reach out by email.

But now, open a can of hop-juice yourself and let’s proceed directly to the show, cheers!

Website: Budgets & Brews Podcast with Matt|Financial Imagineer

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Fast Track Podcast

Yasi Zhang recently started her podcast with the mission to help people accessing the “fast track” in life. I had the honour to be invited as guest on Yasi’s “Fast Track” Podcast.

The Fast Track Podcast is all about helping YOU get the most insightful tips and advice that you don’t learn from school. Cover topics are entrepreneurship, personal finance, career development, and more. Anything helping you launch your life on the fast track.

In the show we cover many topics linked to personal and financial growth. In essence: How to Financially Imagineer your dream life!!!

During the talk I promised to publish a spreadsheet to help you plot your numbers down. Once ready and visually appealing, it will be ready for you to download right here – if you don’t want to miss it please subscribe to Financial Imagineer by email on the right hand side or at the bottom of this page.

Please don’t shy back to reach out to me in case you feel I could help you achieve financial independence! I’m planning to structure templates, tools and more to support anyone on their journey not matter what stage you’re in and what level of expertise you have.

Feel free to reach out by email.

But now, to the show, without further ado:

Website: https://www.fasttrack.life/episodes/matthiasrichter

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1ZEiQVy1WtpSQJRujYCDxI

Google Podcasts: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8yYmQ1NDViNC9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw==

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/fasttrackpodcast

Breaker: https://www.breaker.audio/fast-track


Pocket Casts: https://pca.st/uphwv2tq

RadioPublic: https://radiopublic.com/fast-track-WDLXkw