Work Your Assets Off: How to Make Money with Financial Capital

You’ve probably heard the saying “work your ass off.”

Well, it’s time to put that into practice!

Simply with a small twist.

To make money and wealth compound faster, you got to identify and activate your “lazy-ass” assets.

Get them off their asses: Work your assets off instead!

Get them working for you!

Good things come to those who work their ass off.

The best things come to those who work their assets off!

Financial Imagineer

You better work your assets off, that nest egg won’t build itself.

You ain’t got no assets yet?

Yes, then please proceed here first.

Earn more, save more, buy yourself some assets!

It’s Not a Long-Term Strategy to Sell Your Time

True wealth is not about money, it’s about having more time.

Time is the most scarce resource in your life.

We can’t get more time, so we have to use it wisely and make more of it available if possible.

When you’re young, selling your time, your human capital to your employer, your boss, as in “leasing yourself out”, seems to be a good deal. Most certainly, when you get started with your life, it’s the only option you got.

Cashing out your time has more advantages while you’re still young.

It’s the lowest-hanging fruit.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the best fruit available in life.

Over time and for many, it’s good enough and as good as it gets in life.

You keep trading your time for money.

I know some people who are so busy, they work so much they won’t have time to get wealthy.

Access to your human capital and selling your labor may get more difficult as you grow older. The longer you’ve been here, the less time you’ve got left. It’s the most limited, unreplenishable resource imaginable.

Human and financial capital throughout an average lifetime.

Over time, depending on your health and commitment level, working hard will become increasingly difficult.

Don’t exclusively trade your most precious commodity for a quick buck.

In fact, it will only hold you back in the long run.

Get rid of your time bandits.

Once you’re a grown-ass man, you’ll find that you can’t and don’t want to work any harder than you are to get paid more.

Some don’t want to work anymore at all.

There are much better ways to make money

What is the solution?

Be a bad-ass man now and get your lazy-ass assets off their asses!

Quit half-assing your financial future and wealth-building process.

Have your assets work their asses off. For you.

So your wealth compounds earlier and faster!

You can make money with financial capital, this can replace your human capital and indirectly buy you more time: The sooner you start working your assets off, the sooner you’ll be able to free up your valuable time!

Money rule of the wealthy:

You can buy anything you want in life as long as an [asset] investment pays for it.

Quit selling yourself short.

Now you may say, all nice talk and stuff, but how can I do this for myself?

How to get Your Assets off their Asses?

This is rather simple!

Have you ever calculated your net worth?

If not, I invite you to download our free net-worth calculator and do this highly valuable exercise.

Step 1: Figure out what Assets you have!

Make an overview of all your assets.

Think of your cash, bankable assets, your home equity, your car(s), and everything else you might consider to calculate your net worth.

Make a full overview of everything to your name.

That’s your assets.

Step 2: Assess how hard your Assets are working for you at the moment.

Are your assets working for you? Are they dormant?

Go through your list, item by item, and evaluate how your assets work to make you richer.

For example, if you have a lot of cash saved up in the bank, it’s not doing anything for you. The money is just sitting there and not working its ass off [for you] like it could be.

Or maybe some of your assets are being used inefficiently or even destructively?

Cars are more depreciating assets rather than appreciating ones.

Your home might grow in value around 3-4% annually, your stock portfolio maybe 7-8% in average while your cash might lose 2% in purchasing power per year and a car might end up being worth zero after ten years.

How many of your assets are just sitting there, doing nothing?

What could you activate today?

Get to know your assets!

Step 3: Evaluate how much work your Assets COULD do if they were put into action!

If we want to get our lazy-ass assets motivated into gear and start making us wealthier (which we all obviously do), then we need to activate them!

They are yours, you are their BOSS!

Activate your BOSS-MODE!

Wake-up call!

The goal is to make our assets as productive as possible.

This might be in the form of earning passive income (e.g. renting out a room, a car, some storage space) or transforming depreciating into appreciating assets.

Step 4: Relocate your assets and put them to work harder for you.

If you have a lot of cash, invest it, deploy it into productive assets such as stocks, real estate, a business, or anything else that you could make work. Make it work for you instead of losing its purchasing power to inflation.

Financial capital unlocks the power of leverage, check your risk profile and see if and how you could leverage your wealth further without losing sleep over it.

[leverage is risky: do your own research]

If you have some extra space in your home, rent it out to someone who needs it.

If you don’t need your [insert your dormant asset here] regularly, rent it out.

Get creative and financially imagineer the shit out of it.

The possibilities are endless!

Wake up your dormant assets and learn how to invest – now!

Pro-tip: Repeat steps 1-4 each year, review the performance of your assets regularly, give them KPIs, they are YOUR soldiers to build your wealth!

Hold them accountable.

Have a rich minsdet.

Keep them working.

Final step: Have an Estate Plan in place

If you have family and dependents relying on your assets working their asses off, make sure you teach them and/ or have an estate plan in place so that when you do die, your assets can keep working for them beyond your death.

Let me summarize the above steps one more time: “Work your assets off!”


The moment you activate your financial capital it starts making money for you.

If you want to create real wealth, you need to activate your financial capital instead of just focusing on human capital.

The more work your assets do for you, the sooner and easier your wealth will compound! Use financial capital to make money instead of human capital which is limited and decreases over time. This will buy your time back, will allow you more freedom, and will unlock financial independence.

Enjoy your life while your assets work for you.

If you desire to do so, it might also be part of your retirement planning, so your assets can keep working even after you’re “done” working.

– review your assets, make a list and check how they work for you

– activate them to make them as productive as possible

– adjust and relocate them if necessary

– have an estate plan in place

– rinse and repeat annually!

I hate it when people say that I’m lucky.

I’m not. I’m working my assets off.

Be a bad-ass yourself and quit half-assing your wealth-building journey!

It’s a new day: Get those lazy-ass assets off their asses and get them working hard for you!

Financially imagineer your dream life!


YOU are in charge now!

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